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To Optimize Digital Analytics Infrastructure With The Impact Matrix

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Impact Matrix

In making up the business more impact-full there is a 2*2 matrix plotted from time to time is known as the impact matrix. Inside this analytics framework, 46 commonly used metrics allow illustrating the example of the real world i.e. especially emphasize on sales and marketing business. The analytics strategy framework can be considered as the advanced tool used for the root because analysis which helps to take action accordingly once the root cause is identified.

In this Analytical strategy framework, there is 2 axis plot one is the Y-axis and the other is the X-axis.

The business impact in exponential scale is represented on the Y-axis through Super tactical and super strategic.

  • Super tactical

    Super tactical are all those impacts that are small upon the businesses

  • Super strategic

    Super strategic are all those impacts that are large upon the businesses.

Through real-time to 6-monthly, the time-to-useful gets plot upon X-axis

Procedure to use the Impact matrix

  • Leadership and Metrics Aligning

    Dividing the matrix into 4 bands each one should be horizontal: CMO/VPs at the top then comes to the Directors and then comes the Manager and Automate at the bottom. Compare the existing report with the metrics falling upon which band.

  • Analytics Maturity To Be Measured

    Divide the matrix into quadrants in which each should represent maturity of different levels i.e. solid foundation (to the bottom left), intermediate (at the center), and advanced (at the topmost right). The most used metrics should be highlighted.

  • Analytics Of Strategic Alignment

    Dividing the matrix into 4 bands each one should be vertical and should be representing analytics in different techniques: Automate (at the extreme left) and then the Meta-analysis and the Reporting analysis ( at the extreme right). The current post should be compared to the recommendation.

Analytics strategy framework is the framework to make decisions. Making up the framework is nothing but allows one to open different threads of a decision where each of them is considered as much as objective. The digital analytical world is massive and is very complex as like the cosmic universe.