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The Dangers Of Having A ‘Structured Content’ Mindset

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Content that follows a certain way of representation is structured content. This makes it look neat and organized. Structured content has many positive aspects to it. The information that it provides is usually organized in a manner that is easily readable and gets registered in the minds of the readers better. The content is generally written using a given structure that is largely followed on the internet. There are too many pointers used to make it Search Engine Optimized content. Structured content management looks into the creation of such content that stands out in maintaining structure.

Cons of Structured Content Management

This comes at a cost of having to maintain the given structure even while it would have been better not to. If an article aims at explaining a phenomenon, it would be out of place if there were too many pointers. An explanation of a phenomenon does not need to come in a numbered, step-wise pattern. The structured content mindset encourages writers to create content in such a way that it can be reused for various other topics later on.

If content does not adhere to a given structure and follows its own course of creation, it would be unique content. Unique content cannot be reused in a manner that would serve other purposes. It would be exclusive. A person who is engineered to feed data in a given form will find this either interesting owing to its uniqueness, or will not consume it at all due to its disregard for structure.

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Content Length Matters!

In a maddening attempt to create structured content, writers often end up adding a lot of fluff to increase the length requirements of the content. If an article is to be written with the title “10 ways to start cultivating the reading habit,” and a word count is given, the writer will be stuck in their job to create content that has to adhere to the given requirements of the title. There are probably no ten ways in which one can get them hooked to reading.

But the requirements of the structured content will invariably lead the writer to produce numbered steps and ways of developing a reading habit. People may not even relate to this or find it authentic. A reading habit cannot be developed in 10 ways. It takes more than that to grasp the concept of it. Narrowing down everything to a bunch of steps and ways to fit the structured content format takes away the usefulness of the article, giving the readers a false idea of things. Structured content management requires a few more tools to make content types more inclusive.

The structured content mindset proves to be vicious for both the reading and writing community as it engineers them to consume and produce a single type of content respectively.