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Sustainable Link Building: Increasing Your Chances Of Getting Links!

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What is link-building?

In the field of search engine optimization link building entails increasing the number of inbound links from other websites to make your website rank higher in terms of popular searches. Links or hyperlinks are the roads that connect pages on the internet. Link building is considered one of the most cryptic and most effective aspects of SEO, especially for those starting out in this field.

What is the importance of Link Building?

For giants like Google, links from other sites are regarded as votes and these votes are what help them assess who would be soar above the rest in the search results, for a given topic.
Say you are writing an article and gathering reference data from other sources. You would, most likely, just refer to the first four or five links on a search engine and not beyond that. When you attach the link from that source to your article this, instantly, up-votes the reference page and it climbs a rank higher in terms of visibility or just stays on top.

Maybe, content-wise your page is more engaging but your lack of expertise in using the right keywords, building outreach, can leave your page or website far behind in the search results.

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How can my business gain from link-building campaigns?

Links are indicators that search engines consider while ranking. Link-building, while it may take some time to bear fruits, it yet still worth considering.

1. Networking

Link building lets you connect with other players in your field. It leads to a symbiotic relationship wherein you share or promote their content and they do the same for you. This, not only help build links but also make you a highly regarded and trusted player in the industry; this tends to create genuine advocates for your ventures.

2. Brand image

Link building campaigns can help in uplifting your brand image and can put you in the royalty segment of your field. In content creation, if you are to exhibit the range of your expertise via sublinks to data and information not solely from the industry but from outreach as well, it presents you in the light of a platform with a more versatile database. Thus, boosting your chance of becoming well-known in your field.

3. Link Building Vs Link “Earning”

Keep in mind that all link building campaigns should start with a worthwhile link or a pool of link-worthy content; something of value to build links to. Often it’s the homepage of your website. This asset is either built or created. Sometimes, you may have a cool blog post or an insightful research paper, which you can link to. But these assets must be share-worthy. Up-selling sub-standard material is futile. This introduces the concepts of link earning and “deserving to rank.”

Just like content is key, links are the currency for visibility in this digital age. A sustainable link building campaign should not be read as a short-term measure, a quick fix. It should be aimed at sustaining throughout the life-span of a business, driving it towards popularity by building a synergy between good content and links to great content.