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Digital Mental Health to combat the Shadow Pandemic

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From the beginning of digital, mobile, and allied technologies it has advanced into the mental health territory. This happened especially for psychiatric rehabilitation and has continued to highly evolve. Sensor technology has evolved as well and data as such is being derived from increasingly evolved and almost next-generation smartphones. This offers a new window into social, and emotional as well as functional experiences. It might include illness and recovery at a personalized level. It must be quantified later on. This level of interaction with the operator on an operating system was only dreamed of in the digital world. Now digital mental health is the phrase of the hour.

These new and modernized technics might be helpful in assessing and monitoring mental health problems on a country level. It gives the experts a chance to provide interventions that are early and risk-free. The barrier of locations has been broken, thanks to advances and breakthroughs in mental health. We are only now beginning to illustrate that we have been standing at the cusp of an era of new and improved knowledge that is evidence-based. We have also been employing better tools to improve the promotion of mental health treatment and recovery through rehab and medication.

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The Shadow Pandemic and Digital Mental Health 

We all know that the shadow pandemic has taken a big leap thanks to COVID-19. It is one of deplorable mental health and lessened access to healthy social circles. As the act of being mundane took on the added pressure of hyper vigilance from the neighboring police station, being able to walk around freely became a task. The ones with pressing mental health issues were now looking to buy mental health products and services and move online. Several have been stuck in isolation and the more mental health products and services they purchase, the easier it is for the companies to really save those that are in need. Anxiety and Depression related issues shave tripled over the couple of years worldwide and this is a cause of concern.

How can digital mental health technology help?

Use your smartphones as the primary tool for understanding fellow humans and connecting with the world. We can also look forward to the time when doctors use the data related to mental health to help patients who are in need of a certain type of medication. This day is not far and advances and breakthroughs in mental health will help us to reach there.