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6 Ways to Build Brand Authority With Content Marketing

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Content marketing is a marketing strategy to focus relevant, valuable, insightful, factual, and consistent content, targeting a particular audience, with the ultimate aim of generating more foot-fall on your website and thereby cashing on ad revenues. The keyword here is relevant.

Nowadays, you are overloaded with informational garbage by businesses trying to sell you this product and that.  Content marketing demands persistence and patience. But, it can be an effective approach if you truly want to reach the clients you have to tailor them the right kind of information.

Examples of Content Marketing

Books: Books are a great content marketing tool. Motivational speakers or business coaches use books as a means of driving the audience to take up premium services like coaching classes or lectures.

Videos: Videos are untapped potential in order to build brand. Nowadays, one does not need professional-grade video-equipment or cameras to record videos. The smartphone has it all. Videos are more catching because it puts the entire picture right before the clients’ eyes. They know what they can expect from the business.

Infographics: Words and figures cannot grab as much attention as cool visual representations. Infographics just concretize the necessary information. You will not have to be a data analyst to judge whether to invest in something.

Podcasts: Podcasts are the craze these days and a great brand marketing tool. The daily grind does not leave enough time to read pages of reviews and information. Listening to a podcast is a more easier and convenient way to gather information on the go.

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6 Ways to Build Brand Authority

  • Response: People grow to rely on brands that are more responsive and address their queries more appropriately. Mega search engines like Google put a lot of effort into filtering content based on how much to-the-point is a particular site, with a given query.
  • Worthy content: Visibility on the internet is intertwined with the quality of your content. Your content should be share-worthy. The information or data that is being uploaded must be updated as new studies come along the way. This promotes a more expert image of your brand; one that is more aware.
  • Humility: Businesses build around a particular person should strategize in making the person more visible to the public eye rather than putting him on an intimidating and authoritative pedestal. If people can trust the person they are likely to trust the brand authority as well
  • Validation: Third-party reviews, case studies made available allow space for more transparency and the audience does not just have to take your word for it, that you are a supposed expert in the field.
  • Connections: Collaborating with other companies with more brand authority in the industry can also bolster your image as that of a key player in the field. The whole, “Show me who you are and I’ll tell who your friends are” strategy.

Secrets: It’s a basic content marketing strategy to not give away trade secrets but it may not always apply to all businesses. This enhances salability in the sense that what others did not want to share, you did. Moreover, a little revelation would probably entice more audience.